Reverse Osmosis Membranes


The Reverse Osmosis is a wonderful invention for purifying water , but all face a problem

Biological pollution on the carbon filters , membranes , tanks and pipe system.


Special care is required to choose the oxidizing agent ,to prevent damage to the membranes.

Pure chlorine dioxide (eOxide LQ ) can be used successfully up to 500ppm concentration for storage periods.For Biological protection lower concentrations can be administered (As per DOW document attached below ) eOxide is not generated on site with from chlorine and sodium chlorite as classical generated chlorine dioxide is always contaminated with free chlorine which attacks the membranes .Flimtec membranes are permeable to eOxide and will pass through the membranes resulting in small residual disinfectant in the permeate.

eOxide with its unique characteristics is a very appropriate product for this purpose. eOxide LQ is highly effective against biofilm , biofilm is the main reason for loss of efficiency and reduced membrane life in RO systems. eOxide will keep the system clean without damaging the membranes and the equipment . 

Certification of eOxide residue of chlorite being less the 100mg/l attached    

DOW Filmtec membranes biological protection
FILMTEC Membranes

eOxide laboratory certification of less than 100mgl residue

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