• Iron and Manganese are natural constituents of soil and rocks
  • Usually natural water shave an iron content which is greater than manganese content
  • Waters are seldom found which have iron levels greater than 10mg/l or manganese levels greater than 2 mg/l
  • Iron exists in the +2 or +3 oxidation states ,whereas manganese exists either in the +2,+3,+4,+6,or+7 oxidation states ,However ,iron (III) and manganese (IV) are the only stable oxidation states found in water s containing oxygen

What problems are caused by iron and manganese?

The presence of significant amounts of either or both of these metals in a water supply can create several problems for the consumers . The problems caused by the presence of iron including :

  • Large concentration of iron impart a metallic taste to the water
  • House hold fixtures such as porcelain basins ,bathtubs, glassware and dishes are stained.As well as ones textiles are stained
  • Iron precipitates clog pipes, bore hole pumps and equipment promoting the growth of gelatinous masses of iron bacteria .These bacteria slough off and create "red water
  • Iron bacteria may cause odor and taste
  • problems ,particularly ,when the flow in the feed lines are low

What is the most common treatment processes?

  • The majority of iron and manganese treatment systems employ the processes of oxidation/filtration
  • The oxidant chemically oxidizes the iron or manganese (forming a particle)
  • the filter then removes the iron or manganese particles
  • Oxidation followed by filtration is a relatively simple process.

Eoxide Lq 75% and Lq 85% 99.99 % pure chlorine dioxide

Oxidation with eoxide.

  • Eoxide lq 75 or 85 is the most effective oxidant for bore holes as our systems clean the the bore hole equipment ,pumps etc
  • Eoxide system is a low cost system and starts in the bore hole
  • After oxidation of iron and manganese ,the water is filtered (normal sand filter ) to remove insoluble (particulate ) ferric hydroxides and manganese oxides

The result shows in the images of a bore hole  pump treated with the eoxide system



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