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Water Tank Testimonial

In August of this year (2017) we moved to our new home, this has only tank water for the household so before we started drinking it we thought it best to get it tested as the house had been vacant for a good while.

Our first reading showed the tank contained 11 CFU/100ml of Escherichia coli, confirmed Thermotolerant Coliforms and Presumptive Thermotolerant Coliforms.

I purchased a filter system that stated it removed such nasties without the use of a UV light which was one of the main suggested ways to treat the above bacteria.

Our next lot of testing showed it was now estimated 3 CFU/100ml and did not comply with drinking water guidelines. While the drop was significant we still couldn’t use our full tank of water! 

I was reluctant to dose our water with heavy chemicals or to purchase yet another item that may not really do its job that’s when I came across the Clean Oxide tablets. I called and shared my struggles to obtain clean drinking water with the team at Natural Water Solutions and they suggested the amount of tablets I would need to get the job done. Great service and being able to speak to someone was much better than being flicked emails with click the link information.

We treated the tank and got the water tested for a third time. Finally the results we were waiting for! Estimated  <1 CFU/100 ml!!! This means we can safely drink our water which means no more buying bulk water which had become my norm!


follow link    https://www.nwsolutions.com.au/


Each tablet treats 500-2,000 litres of water.

A maintenance dose should be added to the water every 3 months for best results.

One pack contains 10 Clean Oxide Tablets.

*After opening, best used within 12 months.


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