Don't be fooled by the term "Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide". This is not real Chlorine Dioxide
Hoe gemaak met ysterbakteriee in boorgate?
KKlean - Air Fogging System
Iron and Manganese removal chlorine dioxide from boreholes South Africa 
Raad met Boorgat, Grondwater water besmet met hoe yster en mangaan inhoud behandeling 
 Chlorine Dioxide Borehole Treatment South Africa
 Water tanks  DIY kits water treatment South Africa
eOxide Poultry Applications South Africa 
 Water Treatment Plants in Southern Africa 
Chlorine dioxide ClO2 generators and dosing systems South Africa 
Microbial control in Reverse Osmosis systems with clo2 Eoxide
eOxide fully automated ORP controled for Tropical fruit post harvest wash  
eOxide Lq Test on Stainless steel brewery tanks South Africa 
Cooling Tower General Water Treatment with Chlorine Dioxide  
Aquasmarter Submersable Water Conditioning Capsule South Africa
Recycle your grey water with eoxide pure chlorine dioxide 
eOxide Lq disinfection tablets 


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